3 – Sunday 3 January 2010 : horoscopes

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I am not a believer in horoscopes.  This means, of course, that I am about to talk about my horoscope.  Caroline told me that my horoscope for the coming year (Shelley Von Strunckel in the Sunday Times “Style” magazine) is very good, and so I reproduce it here.

While 2010 promises to be hugely productive, enjoying it requires a new approach to life’s practicalities in general and to money in particular.  Some of what will prove best, and most lucrative in the long run, creates considerable disruption in the short term.  You might be tempted to bypass changes, ideas or offers.   Don’t.  These are so new that experience is the best, and swiftest, teacher.  Being in the midst of them enables you to adjust to this year’s frequent changes in circumstances.  Instead of doing the minimum, consider these an invitation to experiment with new ideas all, perhaps, work in an unfamiliar setting or manner.  This will trigger ever talk experiences or encounters that, in turn, broaden your horizons.  And thus, by the year’s close, you’re looking ahead to organising your finances and to activities that, once, you simply wouldn’t have considered possible.

The overlap with my horoscope for the coming week is intriguing:

Don’t allow others’ edgy moods to force you into taking action when you’ve so many questions.  Judging by the current emphasis on broadening your horizons, conversations should be allowed to meander.  This includes subjects you’ve bannedbecause of bad experiences or that you see as boring.  Things have changed and so have you.  What, or who, you encounter could transform your life.

Can you tell what my star sign is?


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