7 – Thursday 7 January 2010 : effects of snow

In bits and pieces, weather on January 7, 2010 by Gabor Tagged:

The second day at home due to the heavy snow. A few of the effects:

  • Jess and Richard’s school closed.  Hard work getting them to revise – they have exams next week
  • Caroline’s university closed
  • I tried to do some work from home.  I also sat under exam conditions a practice paper for a test I have to do next week (I am applying for a part time government-paid role, and there is a qualifying test in London.  possibly more on this in future)
  • The village shop has run out of bread, milk and fresh vegetables.  Canned food stocks dwindling.  A couple of small deliveries made by 4×4 vehicle.
  • The front tyres on Caroline’s car are virtually bald as a result of several serious wheel spins on Tuesday.  They will have to be replaced – as soon as we can get the car out of the drive!
  • Big icicles hanging from our gutters.  I expect repair work will be necessary following the thaw.
  • We will run out of logs for the fire very soon.

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