8 – Friday 8 January 2010 : back to work

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Snow is going to be a dominant theme for a while yet. We British love to talk about the weather.

The heavy snow that fell earlier this week has settled. Usually here in Southern Hampshire the air temperature rises fairly quickly after a snowfall, and so the snow is a one or two day wonder. Not this time. The air temperature has remained cold, well below freezing, and so the snow remains.

The roads in our village have not been gritted or cleared, but a few hundred yards the main roads are clearer. This meant that I was able to get to work today, albeit for a shorter, truncated day. I was in the office between 11 am and about 4.00 pm. As well as getting some work done, I was able to get some shopping done at the supermarket immediately over the road from the office, to replenish supplies that we could not get in the village shop – milk, some meat for the freezer, potatoes and fresh vegetables. And a curry for tonight’s supper.

The weather forecast suggests that we may have more heavy snow on Sunday, and so I brought plenty more work home in case I am working from home on Monday and Tuesday next week.


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