12 – Tuesday 12 January 2010 : the boy who wouldn’t grow up?

In friends, musings on January 13, 2010 by Gabor Tagged:

On Tuesday I travelled to London to stay overnight with my friend David. Because of the current and ongoing bad weather caused by the recent heavy snowfall I did not wish to be delayed travelling into London from Hampshire for a meeting at Victoria on Wednesday morning.

So I took the train from Farnham after work on Tuesday. I met David in a pub and later on we also met our friend Eamonn. I have known both Eamonn and David for the best part of 40 years: we were at school together. I had not seen Eamonn for several years, and although I did meet David in London in November 2009, it had been several years since I had previously met him.

It was of course very good to catch up with old friends. Even though we are now all past the age of 50, it occurred to me that in many ways with the three of us together it was as if the clock had been wound back many years. David in particular struck me as being in many ways a Peter Pan figure, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. I wonder if this is the impression that others have of him, or whether this is simply something that happens when old schoolfriends get together.

Does anyone think of me as “the boy who wouldn’t grow up”? I doubt it.


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