30b – Saturday 30 January 2010 : the wide eyes

In gigs, out and about on January 31, 2010 by Gabor Tagged: ,

Caroline, Richard and I went to see The Wide Eyes (myspace page) in Midhurst.  It was a fundraiser to enable them to record their debut album “Flying Kites In Thunderstorms” at Moolah Rouge studio in Manchester.

Caroline and I had previously seen Kevin and Alex, the two guitarists/singers at an acoustic gig.  The full band adds keyboards, bass and drums.  With a full band, it can definitely said that these guys rock!  I had the impression of a band that is very tight and in control.  Every note and chord seemed to have its place and purpose.  There did not seem to be anything unnecessary or distracting.

Debut albums are often very good, for the simple reason that the band has written a good set of songs, and has worked them out over a couple of years, in gigs and band practice.  The Wide Eyes have a really good set of songs, which they played extremely well.and their debut album should be one to look forward to.


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