31 – Sunday 31 January 2010 : in the library

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It’s 9.40 in the morning.   I have been in the University of Portsmouth library for half an hour.  Caroline is in the middle of exams at the end of the first semester of the third year of her maths degree, and so she is working hard on partial differential equations (I think that’s what PDEs are).

The plan is to spend the morning here, albeit with a break for a late breakfast.  I’m catching up with a few posts on this blog, and listening to music on my ipod (right now, the 2 acoustic songs I have from The Wide Eyes – see yesterday’s post; you may have noticed Caroline is wearing a Wide Eyes t-shirt).  At about 1.30, we will go over to see Caroline’s father,  so that Caroline can spend some time with him and we will take him on a little walk.

Then home for supper.  Jess has been briefed: she has the timings to put a joint of pork in the oven to roast.  Last week she did the chicken just fine.


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