33 – Tuesday 2 February 2010 : charlie houdini

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Meet Charlie the rabbit.  Also an escape artist.

Every now and then he gets out of his pen in the garden.  We get home to see a ginger bunny on the lawn, grazing contentedly.

This morning, Caroline received a phone call from the children’s school.  As always, she feared the worst.  This time it was, “I know it’s an odd question, but do you have an orange rabbit?”  Charlie had escaped again (Richard made it easy by leaving the door on his run unlocked when putting him out this morning, so Charlie could push it open.)  This time he did not stay on the lawn in the back garden.  No, he made his way to the front, and was found on the front lawn of the house 2 doors down.  How our neighbours caught him I don’t know – he is hard enough to corner in a confined space.  They then put him in his hutch in our garden and sent Caroline a message via the school.

Read more about the photo here


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