38 – Sunday 7 February 2010 : weird dreams

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Clearly experiences many years ago have had a profound effect on me, such that they still crop up in my dreams.  Last night’s was a bizarre one.

Between 1987 and 1994 I had a particular job in London.  Good job, interesting work; boss always trying to put me down, a bit of a bully.

Last night I dreamt that I was still there.  I was trying to leave: looking for jobs, going to interviews etc.  Somehow this came up in a discussion with said boss, and he said “good, because you frighten us all”.  I took that to mean that I was regarded as a loose cannon, a real risk of messing things up, that kind of thing.

Now I never had that kind of conversation with this man.  Throughout my career I have often been told, including by others at that firm, that I am “a safe pair of hands”.  I am often asked to troubleshoot jobs that have become a problem.

It is curious that this man can still turn up in my dreams 17 years on.  And the funny thing is, I was in that kind of in-between state that I knew it was a dream and not real, but somehow I needed to push the conversation on and get to the bottom of that comment.  But, being a dream, that never happened.


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