40 – Tuesday 9 February 2010 : red kites

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This has really made my day.  Driving in to work this morning, I saw a pair of red kites just above the A32, about half a mile north of East Tisted (Map).  I had been told there were red kites in the area, but had not previously seen any.

Sadly the photo is not one of mine.  I would give a credit, but the photographer is not named on the site


One Response to “40 – Tuesday 9 February 2010 : red kites”

  1. Hello,
    My wife and I follow our daughter to rugby matches all over the South of England and Midlands. She plays under 18’s ladies rugby for Hertfordshire and the South East of England regional team.
    One day last year on the way to and back from Litchfield, we saw Twenty or more Red kites and at one place there were at least Six over a motorway roundabout.
    Since then we have been seeing them on a regular basis.
    We spotted quite a few on a trip to Devon and Cornall at Easter weekend.
    I initially thought they were Buzzards but, on reflection I remembered that Buzzards are quite solitary creatures and usually avoid sites of human habitation, including roads.
    I come from The Glens of Antrim on the North and East coasts of Northern Ireland. Where my parents live they are just Eleven miles from Scotland.
    There are Buzzards in the Glens and we have also had Golden Eagles nesting on the very high coastal cliffs.
    My brother is responsible for the maintenance of the comparatively few wind turbines that they have in comparison with somewhere like Cornwall.
    He has sadly found quite a few birds including Buzzards that have fallen victim to wind turbines.
    Kindest regards and please excuse any typos.
    Damian Padraig Faloona.

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