46 – Monday 15 February 2010 : snowboard cross

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Richard and I finally got into the Olympic Winter Games, currently being held in Vancouver.  I got home in time to watch the men’s downhill, an enthralling race on a fast course.  The first 3 were within nine hundredths of a second of each other.

But the real enjoyment was an event we’d not seen before, the snowboard cross.  4 guys racing against each other on snowboards, down a course full of bumps and jumps.  Thrills and spills all the way: one of my friends on twitter called it “rollerball on ice”.

These 2 photos are from Associated Press.  The one above shows the reigning Olympic champion and eventual winner Seth Wescott of the USA in the lead in the 1/8 final race.  Below, Seth Wescott and silver medallist, Canadian Mike Robertson, take the last jump in full view of the crowd seconds before the finish.

If only I was about 30 years younger!


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