51 – Saturday 20 February 2010 : fish pie and roast beetroot

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We had friends for supper.  Caroline was working in the University library all day, and then brought our guests from Portsmouth with her, so the cooking was left to me.

Our guests are vegetarians, but thankfully they eat fish, so I made a fish pie, using some beautiful fresh fish from our local fishmonger, Atkinsons in Bishops Waltham.  I sneaked in some celery from our latest veg box, and no-one noticed or complained.

Also in this week’s veg box were half a dozen beetroots, each about 5 to 6 cm across.  I roasted those with onions, garlic and thyme, glazing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Also served brocolli (same source!).

As my time was being taken with preparing the fish and beetroot, I was able to get the kids to prepare apple crumble.  Jess peeled and cut the potatoes.  I told Richard to find a recipe for crumble mix and make that, which he duly did.  He mixed it all the old fashioned way, with his fingers, rather than the blender.  Jess then assembled the crumble dish.

I was impressed.  The crumble was delicious.  (So was the fish pie and beetroot).


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