52 – Sunday 21 February 2010 : private gig

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Richard and I had our own private gig.  2 of us as the audience for a 4-piece rock band.

To mark episode 200 of electrical language next week, the band had kindly agreed to be interviewed via skype.  In discussion, the project grew, and they agreed to perform half a dozen songs.  I thought this was going to be an acoustic/unplugged performance.  But no: we got the full electric set-up.

It was an amazing experience, hearing all this down our headphones, coming from 5 time zones and 3,000 miles away.  The performances were really polished: this is a hard-working and very professional band we are talking about. 

The band recorded their songs at their end and have sent me mp3s, so the sound is good.  Even so, what I recorded via skype sounds pretty good, and if need be I would have used that.

I am not going to say who the band is yet.  The surprise is for electrical language 200, due Saturday 27 February 2010 (  Those who know me well might just guess!


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