68 – Tuesday 9 March 2010 : Aphalara Itadori

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I hate Japanese knotweed. 

When we lived in West Dulwich our garden was infested with the stuff, and we had to take the most enormous care not to bring any with us when some plants accompanied us to Hampshire 12 years ago.  It spreads like wildfire, and needs only a tiny piece of root to grow.  It can grow 3 feet a month; it can grow through concrete.  It just takes over.

This is where Aphalara Itodi comes in.  It is a small japanese aphid that feeds on the sap of japanese knotweed, stunting its growth.

Aphalara is about to be introduced into the wild in the UK under controlled conditions, monitored to ensure it only attacks knotweed. This is the first time that biocontrol – the use of a “natural predator” to control a pest – has been used in the EU to fight a weed.


2 Responses to “68 – Tuesday 9 March 2010 : Aphalara Itadori”

  1. So the question is, where can I get some of these insects for my land in the NE US which is covered with the stuff?

  2. Would also buy it for our garden in Austria

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