101 – Sunday 11 April 2010 : a typical Sunday

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Having written about my father’s stroke, I shall explain our Sunday routine.

Caroline and I like to start with a walk, usually on the beach at Lee on Solent, with breakfast at the Penguin Cafe. This morning we walked in Portsmouth, with breakfast in the Duke of Buckingham pub. The rest of the morning was spent in Portsmouth University Library, where Caroline did some work on her 3rd year project.

In the afternoon, we go to Caroline’s father. He had a very bad year last year – was in intensive car for more than 3 months. He cannot walk, his speech is badly affected, and he now lives at home with 2 full time carers.

We take him for a walk in his wheelchair, which he very much enjoys. I need to push as we go up and down a hill. The weather today was fine, so we enjoyed quite a long walk.

Afterwards, Caroline sits with her father for a couple of hours, while I talk to the carers, read, watch tv.

Then home, to see the children and have supper. Sometimes Jessica is briefed to put supper in the oven.


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