99 – Friday 9 April 2010 – stroke

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My father had a stroke yesterday, my mother telephoned just before 8.00 pm.

I went to see him. So sad to see such a proud man lying helpless on a hospital bed. He looks old, in a way he has not before. He has very little mobility on the right side, just some small movement of fingers and toes. There is more movement on the left, both arm and leg.

His eyes are watery but alert. I have no doubt that there is real contact there.

Dad keeps trying to say something. He can only manage one syllable, the same sound. It is faint and takes a lot of effort. It frustrates him that we don’t understand. It is frustrating for us as well.

The one thing he did make clear was when he wanted us to go. He pushed Mum and me away quite firmly with his left hand.

I have told Richard and Jessica that one day something like this may happen to me. I have a theory that as we live longer, parts of our systems sometimes pack up before the rest of us does.

I have thought a couple of days before writing and posting this. To avoid the subject is to pretend that this very significant event has not happened. Also, it may be useful for me or Dad to keep a sort of diary of this.


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