121 – Saturday 1 May 2010 : mirror in the bathroom

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(photo from myspace page)

Together with Dirk and Daggers and Andy and Tim, we went to see The Beat.

Or rather we didn’t.  And it was only once I realised that we were not seeing The Beat but Ranking Roger (only original member present) plus band doing Beat songs that I could relax and enjoy it for what it was, a fun night out.  OK, so Dave Wakeling* wasn’t there on lead vocals, and the guitarist (only one, not three) murdered the intro to “Just Found Out The Name Of Your Best Friend”, but they weren’t bad.

Funnily enough, the song that went down best was a rocking rendition of Rock The Casbah.  And, with the election less than a week away, the classic lines were rewritten:

Stand down Gordon, stand down please, stand down Gordon

*It seems Dave Wakeling is now based in the USA and tours with “The English Beat”.


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