132 – Wednesday 12 May 2010 – stroke update

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I go to see my father every Wednesday.  I drive to Christchurch from work, and after visiting my father spend the evening with my mother.  I stay overnight, and drive the 67 miles into work in Farnham on Thursday morning.

Today was the 5th weekly visit.  Dad has been in the  stroke rehabilitation ward for just over 2 weeks now, this was my 3rd visit to him there.

Each week I see improvement.  Very slow, but improvement nevertheless.  Looking at his face, I can see the signs.  He is alert, and mentally there seems little wrong.  He still has his sense of humour.

Unfortunately he still cannot speak.  Last week he was make sounds in his own voice, whereas previously they were hoarse whispers.  This week there is more sound, as if he is saying short sentences.   But those sounds are unintelligible, they are not words.  His inability to communicate what he wants to say is very frustrating, for him and for us.  I am sure he is trying to say things rather more complicated than just “I want …”

Physically, also slow.  He can move his right leg a little, his arm not so much.  He is able to feed himself and drink using his left arm.

Of course he is having physiotherapy, speech therapy etc.  He is moved into a chair for periods of time, and has been given baths.  But most of the time he is in that hospital bed.

Sadly, it is going to be a long haul.  I think that for many weeks to come I will be saying that I have seen progress since last week, not much, but progress nevertheless.


One Response to “132 – Wednesday 12 May 2010 – stroke update”

  1. Progress is good, even if it’s painfully slow. It’s better than no progress at all.

    Thinking of you and the family.


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