136 – Sunday 16 May 2010 : pushing uphill

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As you know, Sunday afternoons are spent with Caroline’s father.

This morning I was with Caroline in the University library, followed by a late breakfast in a pub in Portsmouth (no alcohol!)

Then over to my father-in-law’s.  We took him out for the longest walk yet.  This starts with a longish push up the hill.  I can always feel that hill in my legs, not just the going up: the descent gets my knees.  Once up the hill, it’s relatively easy on the flat, and today we went further than before.  I suppose that we did about 2 miles in all.

Tony really does enjoy these walks, and looks forward to them.  As soon as Caroline and I arrive he is getting out of bed and ready to be changed and put in the chair.

Today is the last time we saw Julian, who has been one of the carers for about 6 months.  Julian has been a great help, very calm but also quietly firm with Tony.  We have been introduced to Chris, who arrived about 2 weeks ago.  The second helper arrives this week.  A younger man, a Hungarian, no less.


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