139 – Wednesday 19 May 2010 : stroke update

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I have decided that each Wednesday’s post will be a note on my father’s progress, just so as to have a record of sorts.

This evening when I arrived at the hospital Dad was sitting in a wheelchair.  He looked good, he was wearing his own clothes.  Again, he was very alert in facial expression.  In his face he no longer looks like someone who has had a stroke.

He has some movement in his right leg, but very little in the right arm and hand.

More vocal sounds today.  He was desperately trying to say something, but we still could not understand what.  The sounds are not recognisable words, although there are more different sounds.  He was pointing at next Friday, May 28, in Mum’s diary, and seeming quite agitated about it.  Mum has no idea, and checking Dad’s diary and computer at home, nothing could be found.

I had bout The Times and read a few articles.  He is aware of political developments but not interested.  What he liked was the stories about wildlife and plants: nature generally.

He enjoys listening to his grandchildren talk to him on the telephone.  All 5 (my 2 and Robert’s 3) do it very well.  Mum says he is smiling and nodding as he listens.

I may ask his permission to take a photo every now and then.

Mum and Dad will be attending a “care meeting” tomorrow, with all the medical staff, therapists etc.


One Response to “139 – Wednesday 19 May 2010 : stroke update”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Gabor.

    It’s enlightening to read your personal thoughts and observations on your father’s progress.

    Any amount of improvement is positive news. Well done Mr K sr!

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