145 – Tuesday 25 May 2010 : nucular

In rants on May 25, 2010 by Gabor

Many misuses of the English language really annoy me.  If not top of the list, then very close, is when people say “nucular”.

No dear, it’s nuclear.  Pronounced “new-clear”.  There is only one u in nuclear.

We were at Cafe Scientifique in Portsmouth tonight.  The speaker was talking about nuclear fission and the environment.  Interesting talk, lots to think about.

When it came to questions, this woman popped up.  Never mind that she had her own agenda and plainly hadn’t listened to a word the speaker had said.  Her long statement, sorry question, included the word “nucular” at least 5 times.

Afterwards I was so tempted to say that the speaker had answered questions about nuclear fission when he had been asked about nucular fission, would he mind dealing with that?  I bit my tongue.


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