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148 – Friday 28 May 2010 – last day

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Today was Jessica’s last day of formal tuition at Swanmore College of Technology.  Above we see her leaving this morning.  Below is the same scene on her first day, 5 September 2005.



136 – Sunday 16 May 2010 : pushing uphill

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As you know, Sunday afternoons are spent with Caroline’s father.

This morning I was with Caroline in the University library, followed by a late breakfast in a pub in Portsmouth (no alcohol!)

Then over to my father-in-law’s.  We took him out for the longest walk yet.  This starts with a longish push up the hill.  I can always feel that hill in my legs, not just the going up: the descent gets my knees.  Once up the hill, it’s relatively easy on the flat, and today we went further than before.  I suppose that we did about 2 miles in all.

Tony really does enjoy these walks, and looks forward to them.  As soon as Caroline and I arrive he is getting out of bed and ready to be changed and put in the chair.

Today is the last time we saw Julian, who has been one of the carers for about 6 months.  Julian has been a great help, very calm but also quietly firm with Tony.  We have been introduced to Chris, who arrived about 2 weeks ago.  The second helper arrives this week.  A younger man, a Hungarian, no less.


101 – Sunday 11 April 2010 : a typical Sunday

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Having written about my father’s stroke, I shall explain our Sunday routine.

Caroline and I like to start with a walk, usually on the beach at Lee on Solent, with breakfast at the Penguin Cafe. This morning we walked in Portsmouth, with breakfast in the Duke of Buckingham pub. The rest of the morning was spent in Portsmouth University Library, where Caroline did some work on her 3rd year project.

In the afternoon, we go to Caroline’s father. He had a very bad year last year – was in intensive car for more than 3 months. He cannot walk, his speech is badly affected, and he now lives at home with 2 full time carers.

We take him for a walk in his wheelchair, which he very much enjoys. I need to push as we go up and down a hill. The weather today was fine, so we enjoyed quite a long walk.

Afterwards, Caroline sits with her father for a couple of hours, while I talk to the carers, read, watch tv.

Then home, to see the children and have supper. Sometimes Jessica is briefed to put supper in the oven.


90 – Wednesday 31 March 2010 : back from Berlin

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Richard and Jessica came back this evening from their school trip to Berlin. They had left 3.00 am Sunday morning.

They obviously enjoyed the trip. Rich spent all the 120 euros he was given; Jess brought back about 50.

I dare say it will take a few days for the story of the trip to come out. They are never particularly forthcoming.


44 – Saturday 13 February 2010 : prom dress

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We bought Jessica’s prom dress today.  It’s amazing seeing my daughter in a proper grown-up ball gown.  She looks really gorgeous in it.

The school “prom” is in June or July.  Another of those American imports they never had in my day.


37 – Saturday 6 February 2008 – Saturday stuff

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A couple of things.

First, after the excitement of last week’s victory (post 30), Waltham Wolves Whites came down to earth with a bang.  They lost 6-0.

Second, I recorded electrical language 197 today.  I’m really pleased with the music.  Unfortunately I have a cough and cold that makes me sound a lot worse than I actually feel.  You can find the podcast here.


33 – Tuesday 2 February 2010 : charlie houdini

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Meet Charlie the rabbit.  Also an escape artist.

Every now and then he gets out of his pen in the garden.  We get home to see a ginger bunny on the lawn, grazing contentedly.

This morning, Caroline received a phone call from the children’s school.  As always, she feared the worst.  This time it was, “I know it’s an odd question, but do you have an orange rabbit?”  Charlie had escaped again (Richard made it easy by leaving the door on his run unlocked when putting him out this morning, so Charlie could push it open.)  This time he did not stay on the lawn in the back garden.  No, he made his way to the front, and was found on the front lawn of the house 2 doors down.  How our neighbours caught him I don’t know – he is hard enough to corner in a confined space.  They then put him in his hutch in our garden and sent Caroline a message via the school.

Read more about the photo here