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51 – Saturday 20 February 2010 : fish pie and roast beetroot

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We had friends for supper.  Caroline was working in the University library all day, and then brought our guests from Portsmouth with her, so the cooking was left to me.

Our guests are vegetarians, but thankfully they eat fish, so I made a fish pie, using some beautiful fresh fish from our local fishmonger, Atkinsons in Bishops Waltham.  I sneaked in some celery from our latest veg box, and no-one noticed or complained.

Also in this week’s veg box were half a dozen beetroots, each about 5 to 6 cm across.  I roasted those with onions, garlic and thyme, glazing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Also served brocolli (same source!).

As my time was being taken with preparing the fish and beetroot, I was able to get the kids to prepare apple crumble.  Jess peeled and cut the potatoes.  I told Richard to find a recipe for crumble mix and make that, which he duly did.  He mixed it all the old fashioned way, with his fingers, rather than the blender.  Jess then assembled the crumble dish.

I was impressed.  The crumble was delicious.  (So was the fish pie and beetroot).



34 – Wednesday 3 February 2010 : fruit & veg

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Last Friday, I set up a regular weekly order for an organic fruit and vegetable box: a selection of whatever is in season, all locally grown.  Our first box arrived today.  This looks like a pretty good selection, and it is all in top condition.

Update: we had the mushrooms with supper.   Eating up our stock of vegetables from last weekend’s shopping before we get stuck into this lot.


25 – Monday 25 January 2010 : fishcakes

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Sorry, no photo.

I made fishcakes for supper.  I have never tried this before, but it was so simple.

Ingredients: potatoes, fish, onion, fines herbes, some oil.

I started by making enough mashed potato for about 3 servings.

I then chopped and fried the onion, adding in the fish: about 350g of chopped salmon, haddock and smoked haddock.  Any fish will do, I used Asda “fish pie” mix.  Also add the herbs to this mix.

Mash the fish, onion and herb mix into the potato.

Then shape the fish cakes.  I baked them in the oven on a teflon-coated tray pre-heated with some oil, turning over after a few minutes.

Serve with salad and a glass of Chablis.  Unfortunately, I only had tap water!


10 – Sunday 10 January 2010 : pot roast and crumble

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I’m getting bored of the snow as a subject, so I’m going to post about supper.

I really fancied a pot roast, and so yesterday I picked a piece of brisket for supper. Cooking it could not have been easier. Brown the meat, then put in a casserole dish with red wine and stock (bovril cubes!) to cover it. Put a lid on the casserole dish, over foil to seal it and stop the liquid evaporating away. Cook in the oven at 160 deg C. I think I gave it 5 hours 30 mins altogether (the piece of meat was 1.2 kg). Add carrots, potatoes and onions about 2 hours before serving.

I used some of the liquid to make gravy. The rest has been saved for a French onion soup tomorrow.

And for pudding, apple and damson crumble with ice cream. I am slowly finishing the 2008 crop of damsons: I stewed them and froze them in old margarine tubs. I used the 2009 crop to make jam. The jam was not a success as it set rock solid and had to be thrown out. Oh well, live and learn.


8 – Friday 8 January 2010 : back to work

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Snow is going to be a dominant theme for a while yet. We British love to talk about the weather.

The heavy snow that fell earlier this week has settled. Usually here in Southern Hampshire the air temperature rises fairly quickly after a snowfall, and so the snow is a one or two day wonder. Not this time. The air temperature has remained cold, well below freezing, and so the snow remains.

The roads in our village have not been gritted or cleared, but a few hundred yards the main roads are clearer. This meant that I was able to get to work today, albeit for a shorter, truncated day. I was in the office between 11 am and about 4.00 pm. As well as getting some work done, I was able to get some shopping done at the supermarket immediately over the road from the office, to replenish supplies that we could not get in the village shop – milk, some meat for the freezer, potatoes and fresh vegetables. And a curry for tonight’s supper.

The weather forecast suggests that we may have more heavy snow on Sunday, and so I brought plenty more work home in case I am working from home on Monday and Tuesday next week.