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Caroline graduated today: Caroline Kovacs BA (Russian) and now BSc (Mathematics).

I saw a lady walking ahead of us wearing shoes with these bright pink soles.




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Another podcrawl – a meet up in London with other podcasters and friends. Here I am with my new friend Andy.


142 – Saturday 22 May 2010 : Overton

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What a glorious, sunny day in Hampshire.  As warm as I could want in an English summer (funny how often we get a few days like this in May, and then a dismal July and August).

I took Jess and her friend Laura to a Taekwondo tournament at a primary school in Overton, a small village in North West Hampshire.  I had never been there before: a sleepy-looking old village in the upper Test valley.  Very picturesque.  At one point I went for a little walk, but I only photographed this scene.

The afternoon was spent there.  Most of the time I was outside in various shady spots, reading and listening to music.  A lovely relaxing afternoon.

I did come inside to watch Jess and Laura fight each other.  Although Jess was in the lead at half time, she tired in the second half and Laura won.


129 – Sunday 9 May 2010 – oca

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Today Caroline, Jessica and I went to the Hampshire Green Fair at the the Sustainability Centre at East Meon.  We met my internet friends Emma and Pete Cooper.  Emma is into green gardening in a big way, and produces her own podcast on the subject (  She has written a book “The Alternative Kitchen Garden” (Amazon).  I bought a copy today, and it is very readable and informative.

I was given some red oca tubers.  These are about the size of a marble, growing in  a similar way to potatoes.  Helpfully, there is a section on oca in the book.  Pete says that they are like new potatoes, with a lemony taste.  I am looking forward to eating some later in the year.


100 – Saturday 10 April 2010 : old winchester hill

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In the morning Mum and I went to the hospital. Very little change. But Dad was able to make it clear that he needed to pee, and to hold on unril the bottle arrived.

I left late morning and went home.

A lovely Spring afternoon. Caroline and I went for a walk up Old Winchester Hill, an Iron Age Hill Fort in the South Downs. Very enjoyable and relaxing, despite a hard steep climb at one point.

And for more relaxation, a pint afterwards sitting by the river Meon, in the garden of the Shoe Inn at Exton.


77 – Thursday 18 March 2010 : memorials

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In the graveyard of St Andrew’s Church, Farnham.  Taken on a walk at lunchtime.


71 – Friday 12 March 2010 : King Street Tavern

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A very pleasant evening with our German friends Dirk and Dagmar in the King Street Tavern in Southsea.  A very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.  I drank the guest ale, Young’s London Gold.

A lot of discussion about why property is so phenomenally expensive in this country, whether to rent or buy, and the problems this causes for the UK economy being built on a bubble.

Photo lifted from the pub’s website: