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162 – Friday 11 June 2010 : I want a vuvuzela!

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The 2010 football World Cup kicked off today in South Africa. I hope it will be a fantastic tournament. And that England win, or failing them Holland.

And many congratulations to Siphiwe Tshabalala, for an excellent first goal of the competition (and what a brilliant name!).

So come on everybody, get your vuvuzelas out!



37 – Saturday 6 February 2008 – Saturday stuff

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A couple of things.

First, after the excitement of last week’s victory (post 30), Waltham Wolves Whites came down to earth with a bang.  They lost 6-0.

Second, I recorded electrical language 197 today.  I’m really pleased with the music.  Unfortunately I have a cough and cold that makes me sound a lot worse than I actually feel.  You can find the podcast here.


30a – Saturday 30 January 2010 – we’re gonna score one more than you!

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They won!

For the first time ever, they won a league match.

Richard and some friends formed a football team in 2008, Waltham Wolves Whites (they play in black and gold stripes!)  They entered a local league. Last season they lost every one of their matches.

In their first game this season, they drew: their first ever league point.

Today, still bottom of the league, they played away against Bridgemary, top of the league.  The result: Bridgemary 3 – Waltham Wolves Whites 4.  I am absolutely thrilled for them.