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143 – Sunday 23 May 2010 : seeing in the dark

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I am really enjoying the album How I Learned To See In The Dark by Chris Pureka.

The album was sent to me by a PR company, and I will be playing a track on electrical language soon.

Essentially this is an album of acoustic songs by a female musician, fitting into the “americana” and “folk” categories (I hate the word “folk” – it sends all the wrong messages).  I suppose you could say that this is excellent singer-songwriter music from a tradition that includes Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, even though those are not the best comparisons.

Chris Pureka’s web site:



58 – Saturday 27 February 2010 : I just want to hear some rhythm

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I can now reveal that last Sunday’s private gig was by The Free Press, my favourite rockers from Toronto.

I spent all day Saturday editing audio to produce electrical language 200, and I’m very pleased with the result.  The podcast includes 4 of the 6 songs the band played live, 3 recorded at their end in Toronto and 1 recorded by me via skype.  For 2 other songs I used the cd versions.

They are great guys – Mick Torbay on bass, Alex Oliveira drums, and James Dallas Smith and Len Ottesen, both guitars and vocals.  And they are ice hockey mad, so I will be joining them in supporting Canada in the Olympic final.  

Go Canada Go!

photos by Sara Desjardins


52 – Sunday 21 February 2010 : private gig

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Richard and I had our own private gig.  2 of us as the audience for a 4-piece rock band.

To mark episode 200 of electrical language next week, the band had kindly agreed to be interviewed via skype.  In discussion, the project grew, and they agreed to perform half a dozen songs.  I thought this was going to be an acoustic/unplugged performance.  But no: we got the full electric set-up.

It was an amazing experience, hearing all this down our headphones, coming from 5 time zones and 3,000 miles away.  The performances were really polished: this is a hard-working and very professional band we are talking about. 

The band recorded their songs at their end and have sent me mp3s, so the sound is good.  Even so, what I recorded via skype sounds pretty good, and if need be I would have used that.

I am not going to say who the band is yet.  The surprise is for electrical language 200, due Saturday 27 February 2010 (  Those who know me well might just guess!


48 – Wednesday 17 February 2010 : the last great singles band?

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I am listening to a compilation of 30 tracks by The Police, taken from across their 5 albums between about 1978 and 1984.  Although not so named, this compilation could with justification be called “Greatest Hits”.  6 or 7 tracks come from the band’s last album, Synchronicity, and I am reminded just how good that album was.  Listening to those tracks, I am back in Paris in September 1983, with a cassette of the album on endless repeat in my Walkman.

At least 10 of the 30 tracks on this compilation were major hit singles.  I am left with this thought: were The Police the last great singles band?  Now, to be a great singles band, the singles must themselves be great.  This is why I feel I can safely ignore all the various boy/girl bands of the 90’s and 00’s.  Westlife and The Sugababes simply do not count!

Any thoughts: please leave a comment.


37 – Saturday 6 February 2008 – Saturday stuff

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A couple of things.

First, after the excitement of last week’s victory (post 30), Waltham Wolves Whites came down to earth with a bang.  They lost 6-0.

Second, I recorded electrical language 197 today.  I’m really pleased with the music.  Unfortunately I have a cough and cold that makes me sound a lot worse than I actually feel.  You can find the podcast here.


11 – Monday 11 January 2010 : birthday present

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It’s my brother’s birthday today. So he gave me a present: something’s the wrong way round there! Anyway, I am enjoying listening to The Essential Alison Krauss.

Happy birthday, Robert!


9 – Saturday 9 January 2010 : audio (more snow)

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As an experiment, today’s post is a short piece of audio, with a photo to show the scene. Click the button to play (or right-click then save as to download the mp3 file to your computer).